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WILD WEST DISTRESS MAP #3: Detail of Frackscape map featuring gas shale basins (blue), current gas shale plays (red), proposed plays (gold) and fracidents (poison skulls). National Parks within shale basins overlaid in green. Terrifying in detail. #wildwestatbdga #bdga #bdgastore


so i declared geography/GIS as my major this morning c:

Was It Like This?


Four things I am very passionate about. #photography #running #exercising #GIS #geography #travel #exploration #instacollage


Lehman College course GEP 630 with Prof. Johnson (Geo-statistics). Bicycle collisions from August 2011 till February 2014 in Manhattan, sub 59th street mapped with intersection catchment areas. I’m taking my bicycle collision study a bit further this semester; I’ll be bringing this data into SatScan for some spatio-temporal cluster analysis which does not require any population at risk (No one really know how many cyclists there are in NYC). Hoping to push this even further and do some spatial regression analysis and trying to predict the collisions with other variables like Citibike usage data and if there are bike lanes or not. Since the collisions are all aggregated to intersections it made sense to me to create intersection catchment areas or catchment streets. (Collision geocoded by The NYPD Crash Data Band-Aid).


I needed the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve Shapefile with the different Zones. I posted in a group that i thought would help me get the file but didn’t provide to be useful. I had the management plan with the coordinates so I decided to make it on my own. I appreciate the GIS course I took last year. I’d definitely love to make a career out of this. 


ArcGISOnline Analysis


Working hard in the GIS: spatial data analysis lab!


peeps - any thoughts about OpenLayers? And using it to build a web app? looking for general feedback/anything i should be aware of